Dear Mom and Dad

The last time over the hill

on July 19, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

Buck and Gracie came over the hill for the last time yesterday.

It’s been really hard trying to decide what to do with them. We knew that we couldn’t keep them in Chamberlain and it was so expensive to try to board them in Sioux Falls. We’ve had so many friends and family offer to take them but we just weren’t sure and didn’t really have peace about anything.

A few days ago Derek introduced us to Dale. Yes the same Dale that you went on that cattle drive with last year Dad. I remember how much you loved doing that – just like in the days of living on the cattle ranch up near Britton.

Dale and his wife came out to look at Buck and Gracie, but of course he had already met Buck when you brought him out last fall. He also agreed to buy all of the saddles and equipment that you had.  What a nice family. As hard as it is to say goodbye to them, knowing that they are going to a good home brings us so much joy. {That sounds familiar!} And knowing that you knew and trusted Dale – that means so much to us too.

So Dale, his wife, his daughter and two grandkids came out last night to get Buck and Gracie. Of course they {the horses} ignored me when I called them from the house so I had to walk out a ways. But as soon as they saw me, yelling from on top of the hill, they came. The last time over the hill. Just like two little puppies…coming looking for a treat and a little love.

{This is where I started running because they always try to meet me back to the house. Not this time!}

Buck and Gracie are actually going to go to Dale’s granddaughter, Dawson. She was a sweet thing and right away took charge and helped load the horses.

{That’s her arm!}

{Dale with his grandson.}

We are going to miss Buck and Gracie so much. But Dale and his family told us we can come out anytime to visit. We will definitely have to do that the next time we come out with Angel and Caleb. As you can imagine they are going to be pretty upset about not having Buck and Gracie anymore. Derek did tell us that he’ll be bringing two or three of his horses up to the pasture now. It will be so nice to still have horses around to visit when we come.

Goodbye Buck and Gracie. We love you and are so thankful to have had you in our family!

It was a hard day yesterday. Saying goodbye to Buck and Gracie. Sorting through your clothes. We found three or four more boxes full of pictures and papers. Attempting to agree together regarding all the decisions need to be made.  We miss you so much.  But we continue to cling to the strength and hope of Jesus.

We love you,

Your kids


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