Dear Mom and Dad


on August 21, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

For obvious reasons, my plans for weekly crafting this summer didn’t quite work out. We’ve managed to do one craft this summer! But that’s ok, it was a really cool one!

I found this on a blog somewhere, can’t remember where now, so I apologize for not giving credit where credit it due. But obviously none of this came from my not-so-crafty brain.

We started with a canvas and letters.

A special verse for each of them. To help calm their fears at night.

I was supposed to buy contact paper letters but ended up getting some peel and stick and it didn’t quite work as good.  Which you will see in a minute.

Then it was time to paint! I found these great paint pen brushes at Hobby Lobby. They were not-so-messy and very easy for the kids to use.

This was also the time for the mom to let go of her control freakish ways and just let the kids paint!

I think someone wanted to keep painting (pouty pants!)!  But they had the entire canvas covered and now it was time to let it dry.

The next day we peeled the letters. This was where it didn’t quite turn out as good as it would have with contact paper. Since I used the peel and stick letters, the paint was able to seep under the letters a little bit.  But they still turned out pretty good I think.


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